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Cheddar spirit Co. Is based in the famous cheddar gorge and our small batch gins. Vodkas and Rums are inspired by our beautiful surroundings. By using cheddar spring water and naturally sourced local ingredients we believe we have captured the ‘spirit of cheddar gorge’ designed to be enjoyed straight over ice.

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Welcome to the world of small batch spirits

Distilled in somerset

All our spirits are produced in a small batch Somerset distillery using local produce to give a truly local taste and experience.

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We have designed our delicious Spirits to embrace the flavours that surround the famous Cheddar Gorge. As a result of this, some of our flavours are seasonal.

All of our Gins, Vodkas and Rums are created to be enjoyed with mixers, in cocktails or neat over ice ‘ON THE ROCKS’.

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Matt Tyler, Founder of the cheddar spirit Companny

The process

Our ambition was to create great tasting Gin that could be sipped neat with ice ‘On The Rocks’ and would also appeal to a wider market who believe they don’t like Gin!

To achieve this, we have taken a less than common route of creating our drinks using a natural Sugar Beet Spirit which provides a smoother experience. We then add a simple selection of hand selected, top quality botanicals which are blended with the spirit and redistilled in copper alembic stills  to create our citrus based, vibrant London Dry Gin.

Local Ingredients

Cheddar is not just well known for its famous Gorge and Cheese, it’s also renowned for great local produce and we have based our flavours on ingredients found in our local area to remind you of the stunning Somerset Countryside.

The Famous Cheddar Strawberry

Strawberries have been grown in Cheddar since the 1800’s and are synonymous with the village. Their sweet, robust taste is unrivalled in the Strawberry world and make them the perfect choice for a natural flavouring.

Our Local Honey

With 10 hives of Bees producing natural, delicious honey on our own land, we are fortunate enough to be able to use this to infuse our Honey Gin Liqueur that has a slightly ever-changing flavour dependant on time of year and whatever the Bees choose to locally forage on at that time.

Cheddar Pink

 A flower discovered over 300 years ago and, uniquely only grows wild in the Cheddar Gorge area. We have used rose petals to replicate its bouquet in our Pink Gin.

The result

By blending these local natural products with our finest London Dry Gin , we have truly captured the ‘Spirit of Cheddar’ and created flavours that will remind you of the Somerset Countryside.

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